TSI America and our manufacturing division TSI Converting is deeply committed to the Retail sector.  From pressure sensitive labels to POS transaction supplies, TSI leads the way on innovative technologies and products to keep your organization up to speed with the most environmentally friendly and cost effective products on the market.  From phenol-free thermal paper to bpa-free scale labels, our team is constantly striving for ways for major retailers to improve their commitment to sustainability while keeping an eye on the bottom line.


We carry a complete line of EDP/data processing labels, roll and fanfold thermal labels for barcoding, sheeted laser labels, RFID labels, license plate labels, package labels, integrated labels and much more.  TSI is also leading the way on newer color technologies to migrate black and white thermal printers to high speed color inkjet printers.  When you start adding color to packaging labels it changes the game in terms of customer awareness, branding, order picking, internal processing and other proven benefits.


The Transportation industry is constantly changing and we continually adapt our products to meet the growing demand of these new technologies.  Thermal boarding passes, tickets, kiosk ticketing/paper products, luggage tagging, parking tickets/tag stock, thermal paper for mobile printers and many other products used in the transportation industry.


One of our many specialties is our ability to produce quality labeling products for the growing chemical industry.  TSI Converting is recognized as an industry expert in the area of manufacturing regulatory compliance labeling products, including GHS labels used in the United States, Europe and Asia.  We are partnered with the leading chemical material mills to ensure BS5609 compliance including all OSHA regulations (HazCom 2012; DOT classification/marking; Customs Department destination-specific labeling requirements).


Our Healthcare label solutions range from barcode labels to color wristbands used for patient tracking, medications and scheduling.  In addition we produce file labels, asset tracking labels, visitor name badge labels, pharmaceutical labels and labels used in pharmacies across the country.  Many pharmacies are seeing the advantage of moving away from laser or thermal printing for vile labeling and implementing on demand color inkjet printing.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the inkjet color movement.


The Hospitality industry is served by a wide variety of food distributors or paper companies and TSI partners with many of the largest distributors in  the country who resell our products.  We manufacture thermal paper rolls, bond paper rolls, carbonless paper rolls, retail labels, retail tags and many other products used in restaurants and resorts around the world.   We also offer custom printing of your logo or return policy on the front or back of your receipt paper if required.